Honeywell HZ-617 Low Profile Silent Comfort Heater Review

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The Honeywell HZ-617 Low Profile Silent Comfort Heater is a heating device that can be used comfortably in any room. As the name suggests it does not produce noise when in use. The machine has two heating systems- can be used in both natural heat convection and fan-blasted heating if need be. It is easily used thus increased efficiency. The heater is installed with a prong grounded plug, heavy duty power cord, flame resistant plastic and overheat protection.

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The Honeywell HZ-617 heater has an adjustable thermostat, which ensures that temperatures are maintained as needed. This helps the user control the temperature to suit different rooms. In it there are two heaters in one. The good thing with this is that, while the natural convection is in use, the user can switch on the fan-blasted quick heating if need be. This is important because much heat can be required urgently.

Honeywell HZ-617 Heater Features

  • Two Heaters in One – Heater Fan or Silent Convection
  • Maintains perfect temperature with adjustable thermostat
  • Auto-Off and Tip-over Switch for safety
  • Safe HPN type 3 prong grounded plug
  • 3.2 x 6.7 x 29.8 inches and 13 pounds
  • Three Years Warranty

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Another feature is the safety features within the appliance. The HPN Type 3 grounded plug ensures that the machine is firmly connected to the socket and can not come off easily. This means that in case a kid or a pet tips over it accidentally, short-circuiting do not take place. The heavy duty power cord ensures that the wires are not burned down by excess supply of electricity.  It is also installed with a safeguard alert badge, which monitors the grille and warns the user when it is hot.

The most important when buying a oil heater is the warranty. The Honeywell HZ-617 silent comfort heater has a warranty of three years. If the appliance breaks down within this time, the user should return it to be serviced free of charge. It is also small in size, portable thus making its use possible in many rooms. Its ability to emit much heat makes it usable in large rooms.

Honeywell HZ-617 Low Profile Silent Comfort Heater Review

This appliance has numerous advantages. Some of the customers say that the Honeywell silent comfort space heater is relatively small in size thus making it portable across many rooms. As the name suggests the machine produces no noise when in use thus like by many because one does not need to switch it off to watch television or listen to music. The cost of this machine is cheaper as compared to other machines. Other customers claim to have liked the machine because of the most heat it emits.   The automatic thermostat is an added advantage, which many customers like because the controls are easily accessible.

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Some customers dislike the machine because in the first days it produces unpleasant smell. Another user complains that the heat it emits destroys anything placed nearby. Some argue and say that machine is not resettable by the user and it is very costly to return it for servicing. Yet another group say that it has limited warranty and ones it breaks down all the cost is directed to the user. Although there were a few more negative reviews on than we would normally like to see, there were still more positive reviews than negative and when looking at other websites every review but one was extremely positive.

As per the reviews about the Honeywell HZ-617 low profile silent comfort heater, I highly recommend the machine. Give it a trial and you will always be happy. Click here to check it out.

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