NewAir AH-450 Electric Oil-filled Radiator Space Heater Review

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The NewAir AH-450 electric oil-filled radiator space heater with programmable thermostat is a great space heater to use. It provides all of the benefits of a normal space heater, while using an oil based heating system to provide ultimate effeciency. It provides very consistent heat, as well as convenience and portablity, making it a must if you are looking to buy a space heater for your home or office. We found to have the best prices on the NewAir AH-450 Electric Oil-filled Radiator Space Heater. Click here to check it out.

NewAir AH-450 Oil Heater Features

  • Easy glide casters and a convenient carrying handle
  • Offers the convenience of a space heater
  • Provides even, gentle heat safely and quickly
  • Super-quiet operation – does not use a fan to distribute heat
  • Works with any standard 120V household outlet

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The  NewAir AH-450 electric oil heater  is incredibly easy to move around due to its many features designed to make it that way. It has easy glide casters, deisgned to make it easy to move across the floor. It also has very convenient carrying handles, making it incredibly easy to move to and from storage, as well as room to room in your home.

This oil-filled radiator space heater provides a distinct advantage over most heaters. It provides the effective design of traditional space heaters, while using the effeciently and classic style of oil-based heaters, in combination to create the ultimate heating device, effectively heating your room up, while taking up a small amount of space.

The NewAir AH-450 space heater is not only easily portable, but is extremely effective at heating a room up quickly and safely. It uses specially designed technology to ensure that is provides even heating all throughout the room. It is very quick at doing so, while maintaining a gentle and comfortable heat, meaning it is not only effective, but feels great as well.

Another great advantage the NewAir AH-450 electric oil heater gives is it’s super quiet operation. It is so quiet, you can’t even hear that its running. This is because, unlike most space heaters, it doesn’t use a fan to distribute its heat throughout the air, it instead uses an entirely different system that is much more effective.

It is also easy to power and use. It can operate on any standard household 120V outlet, meaning you don’t need anything special along with it to make it work. You can just find any outlet in your room or office you need to heat, plug it in, and your ready to go.

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The heater has only recieved 5 reviews so far, but they were very satisfied with it. They found that it’s great to use and works well for heating storage areas and garages, especially during the winter. They also found that it was great for using in a bedroom, as well as safe. The only flaw was that it took a while to heat the room up, but this is more then made up by its incredibly quiet operation.

Overall, the NewAir AH-450 Electric Oil-filled Radiator Space Heater With Programmable Thermostat appears to be a great buy. It provides quiet and comfortable warmth while maintaining portability, making it great for almost any home. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who needs a good source of heat for their home.

I hope my oil heater reviews has been helpful in your decision to purchase this NewAir AH-450 oil-filled heater and if you do decide to get this one I know you won’t be sorry. It has a very high rating of 5 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon. Click here to read more reviews.

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Web Hosting Company June 14th, 2012 (#)

I always enjoy reading such posts which provide knowledge based information like this blog. Keep it up.

Mariana September 9th, 2012 (#)

The ductless stysem would be great, but they cost $$$ to buy and install. If you’re not using the room frequently, your payback on the ductless stysem won’t be worth it.The space heater you describe would do a fine job as long as you remembered to turn it on well in advance. They take a while to get going before they even start heating the room.If the gas fireplace is functional and safe, it would probably be the best choice for intermittent heating. It’ll start cranking out the heat as soon as you turn it on and should warm up the room quickly. If the fireplace hasn’t been used in a while, I’d strongly suggest getting it checked out before firing it up.

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